Friday, February 22, 2013

Guest post: Soothing Gothenburg apartment

Hello everyone! I am Dagný Björg from the Feel Inspired blog where I share with my readers what keeps me inspired. I can't believe February is almost through - I feel like the time has literally flown away in this new year. I am starting to look forward to the warm Icelandic summer and have already noted down what I'd like to do and go this year. Have you started any summer planning yet? But, enough of summer talk - care to join me in a home tour? It's a small apartment in lovely Goteburg where everything seems to have it's place. I also really like the soothing color scheme of gray, brown, little bit of mustard yellow and wood which makes this home really warm and welcoming. 

 Hope you enjoy this home tour. Have a lovely day and hope to see you on my Feel Inspired blog!

Dagný Björg

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