Thursday, February 21, 2013

Guest post: Denmark's most wonderful home

Hello everyone. I am Marianne from Nordic Bliss a Scandinavian girl living in the UK who loves Scandinavian style and is helping the Brits getting their hands on it as well through my little webshop.

What an honour to be guest bloging here on Niki's wonderful blog. I've been following it from the start and has always been inspired here. so when Niki asked me to do a guest post for her I told myself I had to find something wonderful. A few days ago I came across these photos on Femina's website and thought they would be perfect. This home has been awarded "Most wonderful home in Denmark" by DR (DR stands for Denmark's Radio, equivalent to NRK in Norway, SVT in Sweden and BBC in the UK etc.)

I loved the black exterior and patio with all the greenery. It is such an interesting contrast to the bright white interiors.

1. Set of 2 zinc boxes + + + 2. Glass bowl + + + 3. Trivet + + + 4. Tray table

I love how they mixed up the traditional country charm open shelves and white wood panelling on the wall with some stainless steel and metal accessories in the kitchen.

1. "Be Gentle" print by Ylva Skarp + + + 2. Pillow + + + 3. Glass vase + + + 4. Grey cotton throw

This cosy corner in front of the window makes me long for a Easter holiday. When I was younger and lived in Denmark we would always spend Easter on the coast. Lazy days going for long walks on the beach and enjoying nature and a few rays of sunshine.

So what did you think? Is this home one of the most wonderful Danish homes you've seen? Would you like to live here? I hope you are all surviving the winter and I wish you a lovely week.

Marianne xx

Source Femina
Photographer Mikkel Adsbøl

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