Friday, July 4, 2014

A chalet in the Swiss Alps

Hello Friday - woohoo! A dream weekend for me is all about planning great escapes to rural outposts. So this Friday it had to be some kind of cabin tour to celebrate the end of the week. And I've got just the thing. Montagne Altarnative  are farm buildings which have been converted into contemporary living areas in the heart of a medieval village in the Swiss Alps. The renovations have been painstakingly carried out with passion, dedication and openness to integrate harmoniously with the rugged mountains and beautiful nature beyond. Weekend in the Swiss Alps anyone?!

Montagne Alternative as featured in Marie Claire Maison. Via Blissful Blog with thanks

Ooooo, how I could Whisk myself away about you?!

Although I love to ski in the Alps in the winter I've never visited in the summer, have you? It's definitely a dream of mine.

This space reminds me a lot of this dreamy Norwegian cabin by the sea (same look, different nature!). Even if, like me you live far from the mountains, this mountain-themed children's bedroom is proof the mountain can come to the city too!

On Monday we're heading to France for our summer holiday. I'm so excited as I absolutely love France, and we'll be attending my sister's wedding while we're there! Since it will be a bit hectic, I've decided to share posts every other day (rather than every weekday) over the next fortnight starting on Monday, I hope this is OK?

Have a wonderful weekend and see you Monday!

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