Friday, January 3, 2014

A de-cluttered monochrome Swedish home

If I do one thing this year with my home it's de-clutter. My sister and her family have just stayed and I was so embarrassed every time someone opened a cupboard - something would always come flying out! So my mission is to do a big clear out, but when?! Does anyone else have this problem? Do you feel organised at home? This Swedish apartment can serve as my de-clutter inspiration, it's just so clean, practical and neat.

JM via Feel Inspired

Apart from the neat factor, my favourite thing about this black and white Swedish home are the lamps. The wall lights are such a practical way of getting light to a space where you need to move the light around such as in my sitting room. As you know the Flos 265 has been a favourite of mine since forever. Will this be the year I finally get one?!

Got to love the Eames RAR too - I think this and the DAW look best in black (you can always get 15% off these with code MYSCAN :).

After some more monochrome inspiration? What about this Stockholm home with a mid-century touch and this Malmö home - so fab in their own black and white way.

I received an e-mail yesterday from the clothes designer behind the dress I showed in my 'all that glitters' new year's eve piece. Jeffrey Monteiro designed the fab piece in 2011 for Bill Blass. I would love a party dress like that, wouldn't you? So exciting to hear from the talented designer himself.

Have a lovely weekend and see you Monday!

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