Thursday, August 29, 2013

A relaxed monochrome apartment in Malmö

It's the weekend! Yaaaaay! To celebrate I've chosen an apartment close to home. This space feels so familiar as many of my friends have lived in similar pads in Malmö. There's something beautiful about the high ceilings, original wood flooring and double doors thrown open between each room. I also love the relaxed style and monochrome theme....if you're thinking of moving to Malmö it's for sale here!

Do you go for black and white or do you prefer flashes of colour? Or perhaps pastels?

Some of my favourite black and white homes to date are this one in Helsinki, this beautiful Copenhagen apartment and this cosy Malmö home. Perfect monochrome inspiration!

Are you up to anything cool this weekend? I'm in Berlin today (such a fantastic city, I've never been before!) and heading home to see my little family in Sweden shortly -can't wait!  Hopefully I'll arrive before my 5 year old loses her first tooth. Hurry!

Have a fantastic weekend and see you Monday!

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