Tuesday, April 9, 2013

An open family space in Gothenburg

For those of you who felt yesterdays home was a little too minamilist  (I really enjoyed reading your comments!), here's a slightly more cosy, family home for you In Gothenburg, Sweden. Stadshem have cleverly styled this Swedish apartment so that every corner is functional and inviting with soft textiles thrown over sofas, chairs and the bed. I love how the space is so open with large double doors thrown open creating a feeling of movement.

Any favourite features?

The more I look at the home tours each day the more impressed I am that the spaces look so complete. I have sooooo many projects on my to do list but just can't seem to get anything ticked off. And then of course before I do anything it's a weigh up - 'new white floors and wood burning stove...or a family holiday'?! You can imagine which wins :) Does anyone else feel like this? Or is your home decorating complete?

PS On a brigher note, did you manage to pack 20 things off for recycling yesterday?! Mine are already bundled and ready to go! And tonight, I might just find another 20.....I'm getting into this now!

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