Thursday, March 21, 2013

Eclectic Stockholm apartment

Hello! How are you all today? I'm pretty stressed as I'm off on a family ski holiday on Saturday and have sooooo much to do before I leave! Friends keep asking me if I'm excited and the truth is I won't be until I'm actually sitting in a mountain bar with a beer in my hand!! Thankfully there are calm spaces such as this beautiful home in Stockholm to soothe my soul! I like that it has an eclectic mix of designer classics, vintage and retro pieces and Swedish antiques too.

Behrer & Partners Fastighetsmäkleri Via Seventeen Doors
With so much lingo bandying around it gets a bit confusing about what should be considered an antique, a collectors item, vintage or retro. I've just read an interesting article here which basically advised:

Antiques: items more than 100 years old
Collectables: items younger than 100 years old
Vintage: items that have cycled back into fashion or are less than 30 years old (but also can be applied to the time period: 1960-1979
Retro: Generally referred to the time period 1950-1959

The jury's still out though so perhaps you have other ideas?!

Have a lovely day!

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