Monday, February 25, 2013

A vintage inspired Brussels home

Hello! I'm back! Thank you so much to Dagny and Marianne for covering me while I was away. I have to say I'm feeling more than a little sorry for myself as I'm STILL ill. I'm sitting here tapping away in my (very cosy) white company slippers and chunky knit cardigan and a big cup of tea (I do love to take these things seriously). And as ever I'm cheered up by a beautiful home! This particular space with all it's vintage and mid century furniture belongs to a talented family in Brussels and was photographed by Louise Desrosiers for milk magazine.

With kind permission from photographer Louise Desrosiers. Milk magazine via Mokkasin.

 The floor has to be the clear winner here. You can just envision someone totally uncool walking in and saying 'OK, the first thing we need is a new floor here' but not this cool Brussels family, they've completely embraced it and it looks fantastic! there's always the reclaimed flooring company for the rest of us!

There are a few more lovely pictures of this home over at Milk magazine, and a full article if you speak French (or if you're like me with errr French hardly a strong point there's always google translate).

Right. Time to get back under my duvet. Have a lovely Monday!

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