Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The blonde nordic apartment

If I were to start renovating my home again from scratch I'd go for the 'blonde nordic' look. Light grey walls and white washed wood floors. Lots of natural light.  Add monochrome and pastels and I'm totally sold. This apartment is the perfect example of 'blonde nordic' in my eyes (do you agree?!). I love the addition of the exposed brickwork in the sitting room and the occasional pop of yellow and green. Such a lovely space!


What do you think, your kind of space?

For more pastel inspiration it's worth taking a peek at this, this and this home (in case you missed them before!). Or for more bold colours, this home will make you smile.

I'm sometimes e-mailed about why I rarely show TV's in the home tours on here. The answer is that I feel they rarely look good (although I know they're a necessary piece of equipment!). But in this home I think the owners / stylists have been really clever at incorporating one in a way that looks clean and stylish. Don't you agree?

On the subject of TV's, how do you have yours in your home? Is it hidden or on display? Do you have a giant one or a small subtle one? Or perhaps you have a projector (if so I'm intrigued about how you find it as I'm tempted....?!).

Have a lovely day!

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