Monday, October 13, 2014

A calm white, blue and cognac Malmö home

I hope you had a wonderful weekend? Today I've got very zen home to share with you. It's actually for sale here in Malmö, Sweden (come and join us!!).  There's something about the white, blue and cognac combined with the pastels that I love.  It's perhaps a little too empty for my taste (I guess this is part of the estate agent styling) but  I'm sure I could make it my own in no time, how about you?

Very calm don't you think?

I see they have my favourite chair - the diamond armchair (throw a sheepskin over in the autumn and winter for extra loveliness) and Thonet 214 chairs. Try the 'Cassis' bed linen for similar. I love the black and white art photography in the desk area, any ideas where it's from?

Thank you to Octavie who featured an interview with me on her lovely blog Scandinave on Friday (in French and English). What an honour!

I wasn't sure whether I was going to say anything but I must admit I'm feeling a little sorry for myself  today- I hurt my calf playing sport yesterday and was sent home from A&E with crutches and now awaiting an ultra sound. Have you ever hurt your achilles heel or a muscle in your calf before? It's soooo painful! Mind you, not all's bad, I get to spend a rainy Monday in bed reading/ watching Netflix, kind of bliss!

Have a lovely day!

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