Thursday, June 5, 2014

The best of both worlds in a fabulous Brooklyn home

I've always thought of myself as a bit of a monochrome girl, but recently colour has started to sneak its way into my home. While white can make a space feel serene, touches of bold colour can lift the spirits on a grey day. The newly renovated four storey Brooklyn home of Jenni Li, photographer and filmmaker Hans Gissinger and their three children has achieved the best of both worlds. Photographed by Brittany Umbridge for Domino magazine, the house has been decorated with a white base and then bright pops of colour have been added using flowers, art, peruvian textiles, balls of wool and other materials. What a fabulous home! 

Such a great home don't you think? And the exciting thing is that it demonstrated just how easy it can be to add colour to a space - even for the most colour shy of people! Love that!

Read the full article about the renovation on Domino magazine here. And again, thank you so much to Domino for including me in their list of 26 best design blogs, 2014, a true honour!

For other beautiful homes with pops of colour I also love this Swedish apartment and this Melbourne home of an illustrator. It's definitely a colour me happy day, despite the grey outside here in Southern Sweden.

Have a lovely day!

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