Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A unique and fabulous German home

I feel inspired. Not just because it's a beautiful morning here in southern sweden (although that certainly helps) but because of the unique design of this home in Germany.  The images dropped into my inbox last week from design company STUDIO OINK who not only designed the interior but also chose the art and design products for the home. The soft fabrics (sheer curtains, sheepskin rugs) and wooden furniture work really well in warming up the more austere combination of concrete and marble (who would have thought these two materials could work so well together?). And then there's that touch of mid-century and brass. What a fabulous home don't you think?!

I think this is one very cool home, how aboout you?

To me, the artwork really stands out. I'm a big fan of  'ocean' photography / art and even have a board dedicated to it on Pinterest! I'm waiting to hear where the piece in the dining space is from but in the meantime other ocean art pieces I love include Tulum, by Max Wanger as seen in this home and the limited edition seascape print  by Kara Rosenlund (her incredible home can be seen here). Take me to the ocean!!

STUDIO OINK also designed the fabulous Asbau apartment. If I lived in Germany I know who I'd get to help design my home...!

Have a lovely day! 

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