Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What colour kitchen cabinets would you choose?

The kitchen is such an important room. One of my Mum's friends always refers to it as 'the engine room of the house', which I think is spot on, don't you? Last night I got a message from a great friend in London asking for advice on what colour kitchen cabinets she should choose. We've all been in interior dilemmas before and when I saw the picture of her kitchen (scroll down to the last image), I knew I had to help, plus it gave me an excuse to drool over beautiful kitchens on Pinterest. I also found these beautiful kitchens shot by one of my favourite Swedish photographers, Jonas Ingerstedt...could white or a shade of blue be the answer?!

Blue from the kitchen of Saša Antić:

Or a shade darker?

Jonas Ingerstedt. Residence.

Tania's kitchen now (taken by Tania):

I absolutely love the dark blue one, but perhaps not for my friends space.

Any thoughts?

What colour is your kitchen?

If you'd like to see more inspiration, take a peek at photographer Jonas Ingerstedt's own kitchen, this stunning Danish kitchen in pastels and this white and grey Malmö kitchen. Infact, type 'kitchen' into the my scandinavian home search and you'll find hundreds of beautiful kitchens (I couldn't believe it!).

PS I was quite nervous about this post since I only ever post images of spaces on My Scandinavian Home I absolutely love. So putting the last image on here was enough to break me out into a slight sweat (eh hem. I mean a gentle 'glow'!) but it's important to get out of the comfort zone from time to time....especially to help a friend in need, isn't it?!

Have a lovely Tuesday!

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