Monday, March 10, 2014

My new vintage/industrial scissor wall lamp

My new French scissor lamp from the 1940's arrived on Friday, so excited! Since then it's been something of an adventure getting it installed including a trip into town, a lamp shop, an electrical shop and a visit to a pensioners apartment where I met a lovely man in his 80's at a small desk fixing the people of Malmö's lamps. "I do love it when you young people acquire old things" he said, "and this one's a real beauty." By the time I got home I was grinning from ear to ear with my prized possession.. Here are a few pictures of our new lamp, at the centre of our Sunday morning....

All images My Scandinavian Home
What do you think?

I bought it from Daisy Roots France and although Annie doesn't have any more of these particular lights you can find a bunch of vintage / industrial scissor wall lamps here

If you're interested to know where any of the items are from there's lots of information (and photos of my sitting room) here. Otherwise just give me a shout!

Oh and in case you're wondering what my girls are up to - one of them (on the sofa) was watching how to make cakes on You Tube (her favourite viewing pastime!) and the other was watching Pippi Longstocking on my phone ("she's so stroooong Mummy"), so sweet! I do love a lazy Sunday morning. 

What did you get up to this weekend?

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