Friday, March 14, 2014

A beautiful Dutch family home

It's Friday, finally! The sun's shining (just!) and I'm gearing up for my weekend, yay! Hope you are too. I think the Dutch have impeccable style and similar to the Scandinavian taste in many ways. Take this space for example. The owner has artfully decorated the space to be cool and clean and at the same time relaxed and child friendly. Not easy to achieve! It's actually for rent through Kid & Coe (I KNOW!). It looks like a trip to Amsterdam's in order....

.Kid & Coe. 

I am such a big fan of children's indoor swings - they look fab and add such an element of fun. I can't find a place for one in my home (not without footprints all over the wall and the occasional bumped head anyway!). Do you have one in your home?

I also love the sign in the office space....I think I need the same over my desk. A trip to NYC would be perfect right now - what a FANTASTIC city. I have family there but it's been ages since I visited. Have you been? or perhaps you're lucky enough to live there?! My next trip will be that....or Amsterdam :)

More family home tour inspiration found in this relaxed home in Gothenburg, this extremely pretty and playful southern Sweden house and this home with fab vintage touches.

Have a really lovely weekend and see you Monday!

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