Friday, February 14, 2014

A lovely white and grey Stockholm home

This Stockholm home was once beautifully captured by Patric Johansson for Elle Interiör (as shown in a former post by Anna Gillar here). It's now for sale. One of the key things I noticed is the wall painted in two tones in the kitchen dining area, it's extremely subtle but makes a big difference to the room don't you think? I also love the striped cushions on the sofa (it seems stripes are everywhere again this year too, did you see this fab bedding the other day?) and of course I'm a big fan of white and grey. What do you like the most about this home?

HusmanHagberg via Anna Gillar

It's been styled for sale so the style is very clean here. But when you look back at the pictures Patric took it looks very cosy.

Other white and grey homes I love include this, this and this one.

Speaking of home shoots, a photographer is coming to shoot my home in a few weeks time - so much to do still eeeek! But very exciting. More to follow soon.

I hope you have a very lovely St Valentine's Day and a wonderful weekend!

PS As regular followers know I'm currently travelling in Thailand with my family for four weeks which is so wonderful! Thank you so much to Hanna, a fellow Malmö blogger, for covering for me yesterday, The wifi hasn't always been great so it's been so helpful to have some fantastic guest bloggers along the way.

See you Monday!

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