Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A fantastic Stockholm apartment with a vintage touch

I could totally imagine myself padding around this beautiful one up one down Stockholm loft. Not only does it have beautiful bones but the owner, Louise, has decorated it impeccably too. It's a fairly small space but it's been cleverly organised to make the most of every inch:  the magazines stacked in the stairwell, the windowsill doubling up as a book shelf and the shower tucked under the stairs. It's actually for sale - I'd move in tomorrow, how about you?!

Fantastic Frank via Husligheter

I love the scissor task lamp in the kitchen, I've been thinking about one of these as a reading lamp in my bedroom or in my sitting room - what do you think? I found a load of fantastic vintage scissor lamps here - but which one to choose?! I also spy the classic white Eames RAR too (15% off with MYSCAN).

Anything you love about this apartment?

I love this and this Stockholm apartment too.

Have a lovely day!

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