Wednesday, August 7, 2013

White and grey Gothenburg home tour

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed my house hunting a few years ago. So much so that I was actually a bit sad it was all over when we found our house! I put it down to nosiness. Often when you walk into a home you know instantly if it is a no or a go, others require a little more imagination. With this apartment currently for sale in Gothenburg, Sweden through Stadshem though, you'd want to move in and keep all the furniture. At least I would!


 I think what makes the home are the lights. The apple green Bumling in the kitchen and the two pendants over the office space (anyone know what these are?) are so fab. I also like the touch of the Eames DAW chair as an office chair (15% with code MYSCAN).  What about you?

It's an exciting day here at the my scandinavian home residence as I have two talented guests from London visiting with their camera and styling expertise! More to follow shortly....:)

Have a lovely day!

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