Thursday, August 1, 2013

A lovely 'lived in' apartment

My love affair with monochrome is no secret, even more so if it includes white floors or at least beautiful aged light wood floorboards (cue: The Reclaimed Flooring Co). Which is why I like this apartment currently for sale through Stadshem.. The space has been heavily staged but you can still see the personality of the owners shining through (they love music, monochrome, minalism and marmalade and orange juice for breakfast (perhaps)! All in all it has a lovely 'lived in' feel, just as a home should.

For more images check out the home here.

My mind is still on the lovely desk fan. Our bedroom us baking hot at night and we're in need of a fan, which has to not only keep me cool but look cool too naturally! I found some fab ones on Etsy here, here and here.

PS I received two prints in the post from Elina Dahl yesterday (remember her lovely home?). Not only were the prints (here and here) beautiful but the way they were packaged was too - thank you Elina!

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