Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The home of an Australian stylist

Set on top of a hill in Brisbane, Australia, this beautiful home belongs to stylist Kara Rosenlund, her husband and flock of Pekin Bantam hens. Kara is a master at vintage finds which she then blends with contemporary pieces.  The space has such a summer time feel to it with it's soft hues, white pannelled walls and sunny veranda. Love this space!

Photography and styling Kara Rosenlund with kind permission. Via 79 ideas

I could live here, could you?!

I spotted a lot of beautiful round rugs like the one in the top picture on Etsy last night here.

This morning I'm preparing my home for  shoot. First stop IKEA! I do love a morning at IKEA, my Mum thinks I'm mad as the one in London is not really somwwhere you'd go to chill out.....but here in Southern Sweden it's totally different. I might just stop for a coffee and cinnamon bun in the cafe too!

Have a lovely day!

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