Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Clever use of a small space in Sweden

Many of us don't have the luxury of space so it's all about making every single square metre / foot (depending on where you're from!) work. Scandinavian's are known for being practical and you can see this in the way they make the space in their apartments work. This apartment in Gothenburg is 51 metres square, which is fairly small (I'm nervous about writing that as I've done so before and I've got myself in trouble from people saying...'hey, that's not small'! so let's just say fairly small for Gothenburg) but Alvhem have cleverly used every single nook work. And it looks great!


One fine example of doubling up on space is the IKEA shoe storage unit by the door which also works as a shelf to place keys, a plant etc. I've got my eye on this for my own home.

I am also a big fan of exposed brickwork - whether it's left in it's original form or painted white. I love the texture!

Do you have the same space limitations?

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