Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A beautiful Malmö apartment

Hej hej! Finally back in Malmö! I thought it would be apt to show a beautiful apartment which was recently sold here in Malmö (Sweden's third largest, and incredibly talented city!). I know relatively little about the space, save for it was recently for sale (some lucky person is a new owner) and that it is impeccably styled!

Bjurfors via La Maison D'Anna G

I love the earthy colours through out and of course some of the design classics such as the Wishbone chairs currently on sale here) and String shelves, a firm favourite. The linen curtains add a romantic, summery feel don't you think? I've got really into linen since buying my white and pale grey bed linen from H&M home, it's perfect for warm summer nights and looks so pretty :)

What do you think, could you live here?

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