Friday, March 8, 2013

An inspiring interior portfolio

It's Friiiiiday! Yay! Here's a mix of lovely interior images from the portfolio of New York based photographer Emily Johnston Anderson. I often photograph spaces from my home and know just how difficult it is to get lighting right (I never do, but I'm working on it!). I love the way Emily plays with the light and uses items in the foreground to add depth. I have a lot to learn from her photos!

With kind permission from Emily Johnston Anderson

 See the rest of Emily's fantastic portfolio here.

Before I head off into the night (oh, OK day - but it is Friday! are a few wonderful links from across the web for a little weekend reading:

The new issue of Covet Garden is out - woohoo! Take a look at some fabulous homes from the latest issue here. This is a perfect example of how a home can look lovely even if there are children's toys everywhere. This shop is so cute. I love that you can get an illustration of your little one made by the talented shop owner and she has the most lovely blog too. I recently recieved a lovely deer motif storage sack from SackMania and now I see they have the cutest birdy cushion.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I'm heading over the bridge to Copenhagen tonight to celebrate my man's birthday, can't wait! Do you have any fun plans?

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