Monday, July 14, 2014

A cool Copenhagen apartment in unexpected colours

Hello Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. Have you ever been to Copenhagen? It really is the most fantastic city - and I'm not just biased because I live over the bridge, honest! The Danes have such a great sense of style and take great pride in ensuring this comes through in everything they do whether it's decor, cooking or creating. The Copenhagen home of Caroline, Patrik and their three children (photographed by Iben Kaufmann) is a great example of this natural flair although not typical of the usual Danish apartments we've seen on here. It's full of surprise colours which adds a real sense of fun and a relaxed family atmosphere.  Very cool...

Iben Kaufmann with kind permission. Femina. via French by Design
This home makes me want to expirement more and play with colours in my house - how about you?

Before I shoot of and let you enjoy the start of your week....I'd like to introduce a new Danish sponsor which I am so happy to recommend: Silke Bonde. Silke Bonde creates and sells wonderful prints for the home. I particularly love the Racoon poster (I have this one myself and never tire of it!) and cute little chick poster. Oh so Scandinavian cool.

Have a wonderful start to the week and see you Wednesday! 

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